Cracking the culture or just enjoying the flight? – Week 5

The highlight of my fifth week of Mandarin viewing was watching the movie Hero again in its entirety while on a flight back to Brazil from Curaçao via Panama. This time enjoyed it very much. I reflected on the possibility that I am beginning to penetrate Chinese culture, if ever so slightly, and that is what allowed me to enjoy Hero much more the second time around. Instead of being irritated by the silliness of the magical kung fu scenes like the first time, this time I truly appreciated the artistry, the choreography, the cinematography.

If so, then in parallel fashion, perhaps my brain is beginning to penetrate the enigma of the Chinese language, which is so tightly knit with the ancient culture.

Or maybe I simply enjoyed the movie because I was sipping some Johnnie Walker’s while 40,000 feet above the ground, heading home . . .

I just created two new pages on this blog that you may want to check out. I have made a page of viewing sources that I hope will be a useful resource for anyone wanting to learn Mandarin—not necessarily using my crazy method, but a more well-rounded approach that includes watching videos alongside other strategies such as conversation classes and study of Chinese characters.

Second, I created a page where I will regularly update the graphs I introduced in last week’s post, and from time to time add new types of graphs that measure or illustrate my progress.

4 thoughts on “Cracking the culture or just enjoying the flight? – Week 5

  1. Zeke says:

    haha i think it must’ve been the whisky. I really enjoyed Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and and Kung Fu Hustle and it’s not because of a big appreciation of Chinese culture!

    • Yeah, you’re probably right. I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a long time ago, but will probably watch it again soon for my experiment, but Kung Fu Hustle is in Cantonese, so no good for me.

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