By Camila Daya (6 years old) – Week 8

I’m 6 years old and my name is Camila. I speak English and Portuguese and I’m learning Spanish. This experiment [is] for [me] to learn Chinese. Maybe I will learn Chinese. I love doing the experiment. One day I would like to go to China.

I watched Boonie Bears to the Rescue and Hero. The Boonie Bears show, too. I watched [episodes] 1 to 30, 40, and 90 of Boonie Bears. I love Boonie Bears. I like [another show] so-so—I don’t know what’s the name, but I know that it has sheep and wolves.

[Here are some words and expressions I have learned.] Loushasha means sir (e “senhor” [in Portuguese]). Ao means ouch. Puna is no. Shere is yes. And ginger means today. Wa means I. Ni means you. Shei means who. Nishishei means who are you.

My six-year-old daughter is going full steam ahead with the Mandarin acquisition experiment, and is gradually catching up to me on viewing time, as you can see in the graph below. Therefore, I asked her to write the blog entry this week.

In the first version above, I changed the order of the sentences, corrected spelling and punctuation, and added some text in brackets for clarity. The original text, as she wrote it by herself, without any help, follows below.

Louxaxa means sir e sinhor I wach boonie bers to the rsqeu and hero ao means ouch .

Puna is no shere is yes . boonie bears show to 1 day I wad. like to go to china and ginger means today wa .means I ni means you shei means who. nishishei means. whow are you. I .wach  1 to 30 and 40 and 99 of boonie bears  this experiment is for I to learn  chines  maybe I wil learn chines  I love boonie bears .

I like soso  I don’t now wats the name but I now that has a sheeps and wolfs.

I’m 6 years old and my name is Camila I speek inglish and portiguis and i’m learning Spanish.

I love doing the experiment


7 thoughts on “By Camila Daya (6 years old) – Week 8

  1. Greta Browne says:

    What a fine thing for Camila to do – write an entry for the blog. It looks like she’s really progressing with the experiment. I’m proud of both father and daughter. Keep it up!

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