Fun and Culture – Week 10

I spent a lot of time updating my sources and graphs this week, so I hope you’ll check them out.

After a few very busy weeks, I’m looking forward to catching up on my Mandarin viewing. I’ve already gotten started, with about 45 minutes yesterday and 65 minutes today.

Yesterday, I spent about 15 minutes watching official Shanghai TV. I’m wondering if this time was misspent, however, since I read that in Shanghai, Shanghainese is spoken, which is not even mutually intelligible with Mandarin. The only question is, on official Shanghai TV, do they speak Shanghainese or Mandarin?

I got a very significant uptick on my blog visits and views in the last couple days. I’m wondering why this happened, but regardless it’s encouraging. The visits are from all over the globe.

Just a quick thought to conclude my post. I’ve focused a lot in my thinking and posts on whether my method will be comparatively effective and time efficient. When I posted in the Chinese learning forum, most comments centered around this question. However, a perhaps equally important factor is that my method is much more fun and easy than traditional lessons, vocabulary lists, grammatical structures, and so forth.

One of the reasons that it is much more fun is that I am getting insight into Chinese culture. Watching movies from Hero to Farewell my Concubine to Secret, and cartoons like Boonie Bears and Pleasant Goat and Big, Big Wolf are veritable lessons in culture.