Journeys – Week 11

After watching Lost in Thailand and Lost on Journey, I was intrigued when my sister Sofia told me she had heard about a Chinese film called Journey to the West. Well, it’s actually an entirely different genre–set in a mythical ancient China, it’s a combination of comedy, action, spiritual, and satire. I kept thinking “crazy” and “hilarious” as I watched. It also happens to be a very good movie to pick up new vocabulary in Mandarin, so I watched it twice.


Speaking of journeys, the day I completed 11 weeks of this Mandarin-learning adventure, Camila caught up to me on total hours viewed – 36! It’s quite amazing and unexpected that she has gotten into this experiment wholeheartedly.

In addition to our usual Boonie Bears diet, we also watched the Mandarin version of the song Let it Go from the Disney movie Frozen a few times. Sui ta pa! It’s also a bit unexpected that so far I seem to pick up a lot more vocabulary and expressions than she does. However, that may be a temporary adult analytical advantage that will be later overshadowed by her child’s neuroplasticity advantage. Time will tell!

I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on another journey. Just over 11 years ago, I founded a language institute in Brasilia. We recently held a huge celebration, where we showed the following video we prepared of our history. It’s partly in Portuguese, but there are bits in English as well. I hope you’ll watch it and enjoy!

I am currently downloading a movie Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. Apparently, it is in Japanese and Chinese. So it may or may not be good for learning Mandarin. However, it is about a dad’s relationship to a dying son. Well, not to belabor the metaphor, but those who know me personally will understand that this relates to a personal journey of mine.