The author of this blog is the founder of The Natural Language Institute (NLI).

The same passion for languages that motivates this Mandarin acquisition experiment also led him to become an English teacher in Brazil, starting in 2001. In January 2003, he hired the first Natural English teacher, marking the official beginning of Natural English as a business. Before long, he added Français Naturel and Español Natural as regular courses and later Natural Kids, for children between three and eight.

Although Victor has not managed NLI since 2008, it continues to expand and develop, and 2014 will be an exciting year for the institute. It will begin mini-immersions again this February, hold a huge 11-year celebration at Unique Palace in Brasilia in March, and commence Total Immersions Weekends in April. At the March celebration, the new French and English books and games, professionally done, will be officially launched.

Although the website is still a work in progress and is currently only available in Portuguese, please do visit it to get a sense of our institute, and come back often as it will be continually updated from now on.

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