Review: Wu Xia (Dragon)

The most entertaining 98 minutes since my Mandarin acquisition experiment began one year ago were probably spent watching Wu Xia (武俠), released in English as Dragon or Swordsmen. A surprising collision of traditional Chinese themes and contemporary Western influence—as reflected in the exceedingly eclectic musical score—Peter Chan’s 2011 film boasts a gripping plot, a memorable […]

Outras reflexões sobre a experiência

Redigido em 26 de outubro de 2014 Após 10 meses de experiência, posso afirmar que estou me divertindo muito. Os resultados em termos da minha aprendizagem ainda são totalmente inconclusivos, mas a minha expectativa de que o processo seria envolvente e uma ótima forma de descansar das minhas obrigações diárias tem se confirmado completamente. Uma […] and Zhang Yimou – Week 37

A side benefit of my experiment is that by the time I’m done I may be hired by The New York Times as their official Chinese film critic. If not, I can at least be a top critic at (Hmmm, I wonder if that domain has already been registered. Let me check . . . […]

Best films for learning Mandarin – Week 31

I’ve watched 27 films in Mandarin since I began my experiment 7 months ago. Twenty-one of these are Chinese movies, while six are dubbed Hollywood productions for kids. I would recommend 17 of these Chinese films, and strongly recommend 10: Hero, Journey to the West, Shower, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Shanghai […]