Happy Birthday to Me 祝我生日快乐!

I have a language institute which I founded over 15 years ago in Brasilia. This year, I decided to reinvent it by applying technology—and especially the development of apps in Python programming language—to our various processes, including teaching and language acquisition. In March, I hired our first intern, now a full-time employee. By September, we had added three more interns and we’re currently finalizing our second app.

It’s a fantastic group that has a lot of fun together. They know about my Mandarin Experiment and sent me the coolest happy birthday video last Friday. Thanks, guys!

(Though I’ve never studied Chinese characters, I’ve watched enough subtitled movies to pick a few up. So by changing the character for “you” to the character for “me”, I changed the typical “Happy Birthday to You” 祝你生日快乐!to the title you see above.)